IDC & Kyndryl Webinar - Delivering On the Promise of Enterprise AI


53% of European organizations are currently exploring and experimenting with GenAI – and a further 21% are already actively investing and implementing, according to IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending Survey.


Generative AI is everywhere today, having emerged from nowhere just one year ago. The excitement levels are clearly high, across the investment community and in industry – from the boardroom to the shop floor.

GenAI technologies can be leveraged today, alongside complementary AI approaches, to deliver new value and use cases– but organizations should include the learning they gained from earlier AI implementations and look beyond the initial excitement of Gen AI. It is easy to forget that AI technologies have been enabling organizations to become more efficient, underpinning innovative products and services and protecting against risks and threats for years. Adopters have learned valuable lessons from these implementations and the challenges they bring.

In any implementation of AI, it is key to manage potential risks and challenges including potential lack of return of investment or viable use cases, lack of data readiness, IP (Intellectual Property) leakage, data privacy breaches, bias or wrong decisions, unreproducible outcomes (Blackbox) and more.

In this webinar and fireside chat experts from IDC together with Kyndryl shares their knowledge and insights on how organizations can take advantage of new AI innovations to deliver new value efficiently, safely, and securely, and also to gain an understanding of the possible use cases, upcoming regulatory compliance and the importance of data readiness and data integration. 

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Modern data architectures fuel innovation - more diverse data estates require a new strategy - and the infrastructure to support it.

Defining the journey to AIOps - while AIOps can bring tremendous insight
and value to the IT organization, strong emphasis on people and processes is essential for successful adoption

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