IDC Digital Infrastructure and Cloud Update 2022


Listen to IDC's Digital Infrastructure and Cloud Update webinar where IDC Senior Research Director, Carla Arend, presents the main topics for the upcoming IDC Roadshow and insights into the top trends in digital infrastructure and cloud. She also shares some of the main recent findings from IDC’s annual European multicloud survey.

The main focus for customers is to use digital infrastructure and cloud to drive revenue generation and business success. As one CIO put it: “move to cloud for the right reasons: business reasons”.

There are seven major areas that customers need to master to achieve business success with their digital infrastructure and cloud strategies:

1. Digital business and innovation
2. Application modernization
3. Data management and governance across hybrid, multicloud and edge locations
4. Intelligent CloudOps including CloudFinOps
5. Skills and "build versus buy" decisions
6. Digital sovereignty and regulations
7. Sustainability

During the webinar, IDC provides a high-level overview of where organizations are with regards to these topics and how you as an IT vendor can help them to accelerate their digital business transformations through digital infrastructure and cloud technologies.

Listen to learn more about customer challenges and best practices with regards to digital infrastructure and cloud.

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IDC Digital Infrastructure and Cloud webinar 2022