IDC UK Future of Work Conference 2023


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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote: The Where, The How and Why in the Future of Work

Diamond Keynote: Employee Engagement In The Modern Workplace

Platinum Keynote: Company Culture & Inclusivity: Giving People a Voice with Technology

End User Presentation: The 3Ps of Purpose-led organizations: People, Planet and Profit

Platinum Keynote: Talent Transformation: Harnessing the Potential and Skills of the Workforce of the Future

Platinum Keynote: How to Give Your Organization Superpowers to Solve Business-critical Challenges

Platinum Keynote: Unified Observability for Resilient, Digitally Agile and Employee Focused Organisations

Gold Partnership Fireside Chat: Transforming the Workplace Through Employee Experience

Gold Partnership Fireside Chat: Embracing the Essentials of a Futuristic and Experiential Workplace - Technology, Culture, Sustainability and Inclusiveness

IDC Research Insight: What’s the Purpose of the Office?