IDC & CAST webinar - Transforming Cloud Application Modernization Outcomes


IDC and CAST Software are hosting a webinar where we will discuss how we can lay the foundation for cloud app modernization and migration success.

Application modernization is the number one priority for 8/10 software and IT teams worldwide today (source IDC). But how far along the cloud application modernization or migration journey are you today? Do you know what you need to do transform your legacy business applications for the digital-first world? Can you precisely define expected outcomes and match them with necessary resources?

Organizations seek to achieve multiple objectives via app modernization such as: improve enterprise agility, optimize costs, simplify, and standardize application portfolios, support new skills creation and better experiences for employees and customers. And they are driven by various needs from innovation-driven new business models creation to optimization-led technology debt mitigation.

Many organizations have already done a lot of lift and shift into the cloud. Many have embarked on re-platforming or re-architecting journey.  Yet, IDC's research shows only half of the organizations consider their migrations to be successful. A significant part of this lack of success? is because the legacy applications themselves still need to be modernized for the cloud.

Gaining deep insights into the sprawling legacy application landscape is critical for this next phase. But that’s not easy since it's dependant on accurate data and intelligence across often hundreds of applications and system dependencies. Developers need to be freed up from this kind of time-consuming, and error prone work so that they can focus on what they do best – building and engineering great applications.

In this webinar we will discuss how we can lay the foundation for cloud app modernization and migration success.

  • #1 Understanding the key app modernization challenges facing organizations today
  • #2 Highlighting some of the major trends and opportunities
  • #3 Uncovering the keys to app modernization success

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