IDC and Equinix Regional Webinar


A fundamental change is happening in the way that enterprises operate. From static islands of activity, modern enterprises are transforming into digital hubs at the centre of fluid, dynamic ecosystems. In premises ranging widely from manufacturing plants, through ports and logistics hubs to healthcare centres, forward-looking enterprises are building competitive advantage by making facilities intelligent, connected, and mobile.

The advent of 5G promises an acceleration in the process of digital transformation by providing a pervasive, high-performance connectivity fabric. For the first time, 5G offers enterprise networking that combines the performance and reliability of wireline with the flexibility and scalability of wireless. Everything can become mobile, and everything can become part of the enterprise's diverse, expanding ecosystems.

This webinar, co-hosted by IDC and Equinix, provides an overview of 5G's capabilities, and of the ways in which they can be harnessed to drive operational transformation. You will learn:

• What new capabilities 5G brings to networks, and how those capabilities make 5G the first enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure
• How enterprises are already using 5G to build competitive differentiation, in verticals ranging from manufacturing, through healthcare to the public sector
• How advanced 5G capabilities will underpin the transformation of enterprises into hubs at the centre of digital ecosystems
• What you can do now to get ready for the 5G revolution



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