IDC European CIO Digital Summit 2021


Nothing could have prepared the world for the unprecedented chain of events in 2020. It is now in our power and our responsibility to re-think and re-build organizations better suited to the future challenges and prosperous in the technology dominated world.

We prefaced 2020 saying anything is possible, but no one saw this level of hyper volatility that completely disrupted business and life as we knew it. Our own research confirms that recent events have accelerated global digital transformation by over two years. While we used to say "transform or be left behind" in past iterations of these events, in our new reality, the call is transforming or risk the complete closure.

Those who have made early inlays into DX are acclimatizing well in this changed world. But the horizon that awaits will separate market leaders from everyone else based on which organizations are able to build business resiliency: the ability to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining their central purpose.

The IDC European CIO Digital Summit 2021 will offer guidance on the roadmap to re-building organizations for the post-pandemic, post-globalization era: the gold standard of a digitally-transformed organization navigating and creating their own new realities in a changed world.

Event Details

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Videos & Presentations

1_IDC Opening Keynote: Innovating in a Digital-First World - Meredith Whalen, IDC

2_Building a completely new digital business model – the Banx story - Antonietta Mastroianni, Proximus

3_Accelerated Growth: How to Scale Your IT Infrastructure for the Future - Katrin Schulenburg, AMD

4_Accelerating business model evolution with digital – what it really takes to be successful - Chris Taylor, ServiceNow

5_Platinum Partner Session: Addressing the Impact of a “Working from Anywhere” World on the Customer Experience - Kumar Ramachandran, Sverrir Jonsson & Pradeep Singh

6_Securing and managing the future enterprise - Oliver Cronk, Tanium

7_Moderated Q&A with Platinum Partner 1-4

8_CIO Session: The CEO and CIO – the critical relationship for Screwfix - Nick Burton, Screwfix

9_Asahi Europe & International Digital Transformation Journey, Reto Urs Sahli, Asahi Europe & International

10_Automation for good: The future is a human and digital workforce going forward in harmony - Renzo Taal, UiPath

11_Rethinking ERP Modernisation: The Art of the Possible - Emmanuelle Hose, Rimini Street & Ingo Paas, Cargo

12_Cyber Resiliency - your stay out of jail card - Todd Lieb, Dell Technologies

13_The Public Cloud! And the beginning of True Hybrid Cloud! - Glenn Fitzgerald, Fujitsu

14_Moderated Q&A with Platinum Partner 5-8

15_First 100 days as a CIO – the days that can define you - Miao Song, GLP

16_Learn from how the World Health Organization innovated in a time we all needed them to under pressure of time, a very distributed team and the need to break into new technologies and the cloud - Vai Yonchev, Red Hat & Martin Canning, IDC

17_Low-/NoCode - Buzz or Real? - Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis

18_How to Cloud Transformation: How the DVLA is transforming its talent to transform its operations - Drew Firment, A Cloud Guru & Matt Lewis, DVLA

19_Becoming an ‘Anywhere Organisation’: The Next chapter… Going Beyond Working Remotely - Spencer Pitts, VMware

20_Five steps for a successful IT transformation - Michal Paprocki, Euroclear