IDC & Alteryx Webinar - Leveraging your Data to Drive Business Success through Analytics


IDC and Alteryx are hosting a webinar where we will analyze how organizations can accelerate business success by using the right technology to transform their insights and drive data-driven decision making.

Today, most enterprises agree that effective use of data and analytics are vital to their business survival and performance – the pandemic has highlighted major differences in the results of those who invested in enterprise intelligence, and those who lagged behind. That said, we still see a vast gap between what should be done and what is happening: a 2021 IDC study showed that although 83% of organizations want to be more data-driven, only 30% use data and analytics as a key factor for their decision making.

Leaders now understand that simply collecting data and being platform-focused is not enough. An effective data culture, high levels of data literacy, and using “the right tool at the right time” are also vital.

In this webinar we shall share the key moves you must make to complete your journey for business success with analytics. We will discuss:

  • Market trends and reacting to the rapidly changing business climate
  • Tips for democratizing data and analytics in a digital-first world

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Videos & Presentations

IDC & Alteryx Webinar Recording

Marius Schenderling, Alteryx - Presentation

Giovanni Cervellati, IDC - Presentation