IDC European Manufacturing Digital Summit 2022



Thriving in the manufacturing industry with PRIME


Manufacturing organizations today and in the future will have to operate in an environment that will continue to be volatile, uncertain, and complex. At the same time, they will have to operate in a digital and sustainable economy.​

IDC Insights has designed the PRIME framework to guide the CEO and the entire C-suite of organizations in the manufacturing industry on how to thrive in the future by focusing on the five key elements: Purpose, Resilience, Imagination, Mastery and Ecosystems. The theme for 2022 will therefore be “Thriving in the manufacturing industry with PRIME”.


We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Roberta and Stefanie

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Videos & Presentations

1_IDC Opening Keynote: Thriving in Manufacturing with PRIME - Stefanie Naujoks, IDC

2_The time is now to prioritize connected ecosystems in the manufacturing industry - Sasa Petrovic, Citrix

3_How data can be a foundation for sustainable manufacturing - Graeme Wright, Fujitsu

4_Moderated Q&A with first round of speakers - Sasa Petrovic, Citrix & Graeme Wright, Fujitsu & Gunjan Bassi, IDC

5_Do more with less using the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing - Colin Masson, Microsoft

6_Intelligent Automation Applied: How automation pioneers succeeded to transform their operations in manufacturing industries - Sebastian Seutter, UiPath

7_Practical Steps to Secure OT Assets

8_Empowering OT, Relieving IT: How to Leverage Location Data for Process Automation - Mehdi Bentanfous, Kinexon

9_Self-Service Platform for the IoT and engineering data at KSB Group – Investment Drivers, Challenges and Lessons Learned - Thomas Herbstreuth, KSB SE & Co KGa

10_Data Led Manufacturing - Kai Shen, Elastic

11_How to enhance OT cyber risk assessments using virtual pen-test - Ilan Barda, Radilflow & John Allen, Radiflow

12_Zero Trust Journey in Manufacturing - Dharminder Debisarun, Palo Alto Networks

13_Advisory Board Panel Discussion - How to balance reliable and secure IT operations and innovation in times of skyrocketing energy prices, inflationary pressure, and supply chain disruption

14_We are in IT together: a phygital, augmented, and interconnected future for the industry - Lorenzo Veronesi, IDC