IDC, Dell & NVIDIA Webinar - Enterprise AI: Beyond the Hype


According to IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency & Spending Survey, March 2023: 21% of large EMEA organizations are active investing in generative AI in 2023, and a further 55% are exploring potential generative AI use cases.


Generative AI is seemingly everywhere, having emerged from nowhere just a few months ago. If we believe some commentators, generative AI is going to steal all our jobs (or destroy humanity); what is less headline-grabbing, but much more certain, is that the technology will become embedded in a significant proportion of today’s enterprise software products and services, and is likely to enable new ways for many enterprises to compete and to get work done.

With all the excitement around the potential of generative AI, however, it’s easy to forget that AI technologies have been enabling enterprises to become more efficient, underpinning innovative products and services and protecting against risks and threats for years.

In this webinar IDC discusses with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA how AI technology already delivers tangible business outcomes today – and how your business’ future success with generative AI will build on existing established enterprise AI practices and considerations. 

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IDC, Dell & NVIDIA webinar recording

IDC - Neil Ward-Dutton

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