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Due to the current global situation, IDC have taken the decision to make the CISO Summit that is taking place on 15 & 16th November a virtual event. This decision was taken as the safety of our sponsors, delegates and staff is paramount, and our communities health should be placed above all else.

COVID-19 caused enormous change in the way we work. At the start of the global pandemic, existing digital transformation programs and especially remote work requirements accelerated exponentially.

All businesses and sectors were forced into making transitions to digital transactions and interactions. In the face of these challenges, and to take advantage of hasty responses, cyber criminal activity has soared, and therefore cyber security had to. Having visibility and control over applications and infrastructure have become vital.

Whilst technology has proven to be key in keeping businesses afloat by enabling remote work, agile business, and external digital engagement, IDC believes that investment in security will receive fresh boosts in Europe in the post-pandemic era.

Information security has been thrust to centre stage as a fundamental enabler for new business models. And yet… the role of the CISO is no longer just about traditional security and managing threats. The CISO of the future is required to have a much broader focus. The big picture is all about digital trust.

Digital trust has become a pervasive, business-critical issue, high on the corporate agenda. It is underpinned by technologies such as information management and identity and it incorporates elements such as security, privacy, and compliance. Yet it is the outcomes and benefits that digital trust delivers that place it high on the board agenda and, by extension, on the CISO's agenda.

Companies need to demonstrate that they can be trusted, not just from a security perspective but in a much more holistic sense. European CISOs will begin to utilise trust metrics, working with CIOs and CFOs to convey adherence to ethical, responsible, and sustainable business practices. The trust focus will expand from security to bridging the Digital Risk gap.


The Future CISO will play a key role in managing and orchestrating trust metrics across their organization.

In this security event you'll learn, among others:

-          How trust connects key elements of business value such as financials, ecosystems, and sustainability. 

-          How to accelerate your cloud security strategy.

-          How to take advantage of managed security services to beat the skills' shortage.

-          How Security-by-Design can help build a secure environment into the corporate culture and remote work.

-          How Blockchain technology can elevate your security framework.


Join us on November 15th & 16th from 11am-5pm CET at IDC’s CISO Summit as we map out the future of the European CISO as a guardian of digital trust. Together with our advisory board, formed by top security leaders, we have put together an agenda with key discussion topics which are essential for today's security industry.

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Opening Keynote Session: The Future of the CISO

Diamond Partner Thought Leadership: Back to the Future - are you the NextGen CISO?

End User Keynote: How to Get OT Security Initiatives Approved/ The Risk- Based Approach to Cybersecurity

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Neutralization of Threat Through Contextual Understanding of Data Behaviour

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Building Digital Trust: Is AI Your First line of Defense in SOCs?

Case Study Session: Security & Threat Prevention. Take Control of Your security with Chrome OS

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Cyber Threats in 2021 and the Threat Landscape of 2022

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Attack of the Hybrids! Goodbye Cubicles, Hello Security Problems.

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: The Accountable MSSP – Your Answer to the Skills Shortage

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Why CISO’s Should NOT Ignore the New EU Whistleblower Directive

Case Study Session: Making the Case for a Converged IT/OT SOC

End User Keynote: Journey to the Cloud, Building Trust Relationships

IDC Opening Keynote Session: The Future of Trust: From Crisis to Control

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Security & Identity: How Hindsight Helps us Plan for the Future

End User Keynote: The CISO role: Past, Present & Future

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Integrated Network and Security at the Network Edge with Software Defined Secure Access

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: The Ideal Strategy Against Ransomware

Case Study Session: Uganda Revenue Authority driving the Unified Security Vision

Case Study Session: Create the Vision, Deliver the Vision: a CISO's tale of Influencing the Board

Day 1 Summary and Key Takeaways

Case Study Session: Identity and Access Management as a Cornerstone of Customer Experience Modernisation

End User Keynote: Amateurs Hack Systems, Professionals Hack People

Day 2 Summary and Key Takeaways