Workforce Optimization: How to increase employee engagement & productivity - IDC and ATOSS Webinar


In Western Europe, the low level of employee engagement, and the associated problems of absence and unproductivity, especially for frontline workers, has a significant impact on businesses. There is a wave of awareness about the importance of employee engagement in Europe, but the means, measures and most efficient initiatives to increase the engagement of frontline workers remain largely unexplored.  

Involving your personnel in the planning process and utilizing strategic scheduling capacities will improve customer & employee satisfaction and give you a significant competitive edge.   

In this webinar we will provide the examples on how to increase employee engagement, productivity and customer engagement for frontline workers.  

The following topics will be presented and discussed in the session: 

  • Employee engagement in Europe – current trends and initiatives: 
    • Frontline workers – how initiatives for engagement have shown benefits for individual and businesses
    • Workforce management – process optimization, productivity and engagement improvements
  • Planning for frontline workers – involvement of employees and business outcomes 
  • Insights to how workforce management is done at Syngenta

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Videos & Presentations

Workforce Optimization: How to increase employee engagement & productivity

Martin Sundblad, IDC - Presentation slides

Anil Yildirim, ATOSS - Presentation slides

Thomas Herth, Syngenta - Presentation slides