IDC European Telco Xchange 2023


Key trends for the telco industry include the continued rollout of fiber and 5G networks, the growing adoption rate of cloud-based services, and the accelerated evolution of Telcos becoming TechCos through splitting vertically integrated operations.

Telecoms operators face major headwinds from the recessionary environment, coping with inflation, rising energy costs and raised interest rates. Cloud-based services will continue to gain popularity, but the industry must deal with the challenges of data sovereignty and data protection, which is especially important in the European market.

Transitioning to a Techco is expected to provide a plethora of new opportunities for key industry players, but they will need to align closely to the regulatory frameworks that exist in country and across the region. Additionally, the industry will see an increasing focus on data privacy and security as technology continues to evolve and data usage becomes more widespread.

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Videos & Presentations

The Rocky Road from Telco to Techco - Chris Barnard, IDC

Relevance of Gen AI to Telco a year on from the launch of ChatGPT - Chris Silberberg, IDC

How to build a purpose-led Telco - Peter Coppens, Colt - Jeroen Verbruggen, Proximus & Masarra Mohamed, IDC

Insight into the Future of European Connectivity 2024 - Jan Hein Bakkers, IDC

Our vision for 2030 - Mirko Voltolini, Colt

Top new revenue opportunities for telcos - Panel Discussion - Melissa Holtz-Fremeijer, IDC - Martin Resel, A1 Telekom Austria - Eugenia Ramirez, Telefonica - Carolien Nijhuis, KPN

Telco disruption points to watch for in 2024 - Ahmad Latif Ali and Luis Fernandes, IDC

De-Risking Digital Transformations - Tim Haines, Dell