IDC UK Future of Digital Enterprise Conference


A Digital First Enterprise is one that continually looks for digital-based capabilities or enhancements that improve business outcomes. Digital First Enterprises take digital transformation to the next level by using digital platforms to deliver digital experience as the default approach. Digital First is a mindset, but it is underpinned by key technologies like cloud, AI and analytics.

In this conference we will explore the business value of technology, and the ways in which technology creates long-lasting value for the business. We explore the relationship between leading edge technologies and desired business outcomes. The outcome always comes first, and so the alignment between business and technology is fundamental: business executives don't care about the technology by itself, but they do care about technology that delivers better experience for customers, employees and their organisation’s ecosystem.

Join us on October 12th to discuss the below topics:

  • Perfecting the Digital Experience
  • Securing the Digital Enterprise
  • Is AI Integral to the Digital Enterprise?
  • Cloud-First or Workload-First
  • Balancing Innovation with Practicality
  • Creating the Digital Resilient Enterprise
  • Ecosystems & the Digital Enterprise
  • Are Digital Enterprises Sustainable?
  • Enabling the Data-Driven Enterprise

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

Building the Future Enterprise: From Digital Transformation to Digital First

Diamond Keynote: Why Do Businesses Need A Hyperconnected Ecosystem To Build A Digital First Enterprise?

End User Keynote: Balancing Innovation with Practicality and Enabling the Data Driven Enterprise

Platinum Keynote: The Next Frontier: Digital Technology with a Human Touch

Platinum Keynote: Digital Trust and Managing Digital Risk

Platinum Keynote: Delivering Value with Data - The Key Principles to Success

Platinum Keynote: Multi-Cloud Consistency – Operating with a Common Platform Across Clouds

IDC Research Insight: Cloud for Digital Business

Platinum Keynote: Resiliency through Simplicity