IDC Computacenter/AWS Marketplace Webinar


Organisations are under pressure to rapidly transform to meet changing customer needs and compete in an ever changing marketplace. Traditional sourcing methods are complex and therefore often far too slow to support organisations as they undergo technology driven transformation. New approaches to procurement are required to enable both the discovery of new and innovative suppliers and the rapid acquisition of this technology.

Our customer feedback is that procurement processes must be accelerated and governance and control must be in place. How can you deliver against these challenges to your organisation?

Modern cloud marketplaces can now deliver on the need for speed and innovation while maintaining the right level of control. In this webinar speakers from IDC, Computacenter and AWS Marketplace will explain how cloud marketplaces are a valuable new sourcing tool that will help procurement deliver the both the speed and control their businesses require

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The need for procurement to find new ways of sourcing technology
  • How cloud marketplaces have evolved
  • How marketplaces can accelerate sourcing, while maintaining governance and control
  • The benefits and how you can obtain them

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