IDC UK Security Conference 2022 - The Future Enterprise: Trusted, Resilient, Sovereign


As firms emerge from the Covid chaos, the focus on the "new" becomes centre stage. In this new age, there is one certainty: businesses will continue to face disruption caused by Covid and multiple other challenges, such as sophisticated cyber-attacks, supply chain problems, and extreme weather events. Where are organisations heading, and what new challenges are lurking? IDC’s concept of the Future Enterprise spans all disciplines, but core to this is Trust, a must-have attribute for all companies. Security is, of course, at the heart of Trust, but Trust also encompasses sustainability, brand, customer experience other key aspects. Can Security professionals embrace the full extent of Trust? Resilience has become a key mantra but again it extends beyond security. IDC defines digital resilience as the ability of companies to withstand disruption based on robust digital platforms.

What can the organisation learn from Security’s pedigree in resilient behaviours? And now the issue of sovereignty lurks, as policy makers and advocates raise concerns over ownership and control of IT assets, infrastructure, and data. Navigating the prickly world of digital sovereignty is trepidatious, and once again our organisations will look to security for leadership and capability. Are you up to the challenge?


Join us on April 21st from 08:30-17:00 to discuss:

  • Data Sovereignty
  • XDR Tools
  • New Intelligent Threats
  • Converging Worlds IT & OT
  • Automated SOC
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Conflicting Data Regulations
  • Cloud & Vulnerability
  • Network Technicians VS Security Practitioners

Event Details

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Videos & Presentations

Platinum Keynote: Unknown Unknowns. The Truths, Myths and Misconceptions of Modern Cybercrime

IDC Keynote: Resilience and Trust Drive Security Priorities in 2022

End User Keynote: Who (and what) can you Trust?: Identity in a Trustless World

Platinum Keynote: Why Your Hardware Choices can Further Secure Your IT Environment

Diamond Keynote: Enabling Data-Driven Cybersecurity to Protect People, Devices, and Data everywhere.

Platinum Keynote: S.M.A.R.T. Risk Management – A Data Driven Approach

IDC Research Insight: First Insights from IDC's Annual European Security Survey