IDC and LastPass by LogMeIn Webinar


The last 18 months have without a doubt been among the most challenging ever faced by most modern enterprises. And we are not out of the storm yet. There is hope on the horizon as vaccines and many innovative safeguards enable a return to some kind of normal.

Business, commerce, and travel are bouncing back. But a return to the old working norms is on few organizations’ agenda. Mindsets have shifted from office work through work-from-home to work-from-anywhere; from traditional to hybrid and hot-desking. Employers too have realised that their workforces can be remote but still productive. They’ve seen the other side and they want to know how to get there. But troubles still lurk.

On Wednesday September 29th at 10.30am IDC and LastPass by LogMeIn presented thought provoking insights where we focussed on:

• How to safely authenticate and grant secure and appropriate access to those remote workers
• How to wipe out the persistent problems of weak passwords and poor password hygiene that are a hacker’s best friend
• How to prevent major threats like ransomware from penetrating the organisation

Concepts like passwordless authentication and zero trust access control are offered up as a panacea for all. But to get there requires a bridge built on firm foundations: enterprise password management, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) are the fundamental technologies that should be the basis for every organization’s identity journey.

We hope you enjoy this webinar!

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