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2020 has been a year of huge uncertainty and upheavals in how we live and work. Many past assumptions are no longer valid, and companies are having to adapt and transform how the operate and engage with the market at an unprecedented rate, and the network is a critical element that ties these changes together. Traditional ways to deploy and run IT infrastructure have struggled to adapt, and this has fuelled a shift towards agile and flexible cloud-like IT infrastructure across on-premises as well as the public cloud. Many companies make the attempt to transform, but many end of stalling part way through their journey. What can we learn from the experience of Digital Leaders to give the rest of us the best chance of competitiveness and success?

In this 40 min Webinar on 3rd Dec at 10am GMT¦11am CET, IDC and Equinix will discuss the below points:

  • What are some of the key demands being asked of IT infrastructure?
  • What makes a Digital Leader, and how do their IT priorities change with experience?
  • Is public cloud really the destination?
  • Why do Digital Leaders gravitate to colocation to improve IT service delivery?
  • Connecting to cloud in a hybrid world
  • How does the network need to change to deliver responsive and agile IT?



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