IDC & Kyndryl webinar - Three Key Themes for Cyber Readiness


According to IDC’s latest WW CEO survey, the #1 technology area that CEOs will prioritize in 2023 will be security, risk and compliance.

The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly and the cybercriminals continue to accelerate the pace of development for cyber-attacks and both the volume and sophistication of attacks continue to rise. Even the best protection will not prevent against a zero day exploit, therefore; leading to the next question: how can you be fully prepared and ready when the attack takes place?

In this webinar and fireside chat experts from IDC together with Kyndryl shares their knowledge and insights on how Zero Trust principles represent the best possible protection and how a well implemented resiliency solution eases the recovery from a successful cyber-attack, for protecting vital data and systems, and for taking the next steps to restore the business back to a minimal viable operation.

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What IT decision makers say about the state of IT risk

Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery

The Business of Kyndryl Security and Resiliency Services by IDC

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