IDC Digital Interchange | Biggest asset, biggest risk: Protecting OT Environments


Around the world, 2020 was not an easy year for electricity, gas, and water companies. Declining energy consumption arising from industrial and commercial slowdowns, commodities' price volatility, increasing competition, and lockdown in many countries impacted operations. Nevertheless, the industry has demonstrated good resilience and has not stopped its ongoing transformation journey.

As energy and utility companies undergo digital transformation, they face unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Many of these organizations' core operations take place on their OT networks, which were previously protected from cyberattacks. However, as IT and OT ecosystems merge, threat actors are increasingly targeting OT devices, requesting ransom, stealing trade secrets, and engaging in cyber warfare.

This June 2021, we are hosting a digital interchange event especially developed for the utilities and oil & gas sectors. Alongside our trusted partner, Fortinet we are glad to invite you to join us on June 17th for an insightful 1-hour event dedicated to OT Environments.

Key themes addressed:

  • What is the status of OT environments in utilities & power companies?
  • What can cybersecurity & IT teams do to swiftly protect their OT environments?
  • What security tools should utilities & power companies use to prevent cyberattacks?


Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote: Convergence? Period by Alex Proskura

How to Secure the Energy and Utility Sector? by Antoine D'Haussy

Recording IDC & Fortinet Digital Interchange Protecting OT Environments