IDC and CAST Webinar - Driving Software Innovation at Speed and Scale



Watch this on demand webinar with IDC and CAST, to learn about the future state of software innovation and how to address key barriers when executing your organisation's software innovation strategy.

Over the past two years, we have seen a big shift in attitudes towards delivering digital products and services. For 8 in 10 UK organisations, the pandemic elevated the need for digital innovation. As a result, strengthening and modernising software development and delivery capacity is a key priority on business agendas today.

However, digital demands on the business continue to grow resulting in non-stop business-driven requests that range from small changes to full-scale modernization of critical custom-built applications. This need for speed means that software teams are under extraordinary pressure to deliver faster, putting development productivity firmly in the spotlight.

The end goal is the creation of a digital delivery engine that meets customer demand for value, velocity, and scale. Yet, the reality is development and delivery teams are struggling in multiple ways, which is now compounded by higher levels of attrition, internal mobility, and distributed work. To the point where engineers spend the bulk of their time searching and understanding existing code, trying to ‘connect the dots’ as they figure out the inner workings of the complex software.

So, how can you put that knowledge at their fingertips?  How do you help them understand better and faster the intricacies of the software system they are working on?

Following IDC and CAST’s vision of the market, this webinar will provide you with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately to help your software teams respond faster to the business and operate more efficiently.

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