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There have been some profound changes globally in the last 3 months with business priorities shifting to safety and well-being of employees, and then to maintaining business resiliency. UK Organisations are forced to transform their operations and business processes to urgently enable remote working and start thinking about how to thrive in the post-recovery era.
As a result, an overwhelming majority (94%) of organizations are changing their long-term IT strategy with a more aggressive push to digital transformation, cloud, and collaboration, according to IDC's European Executive Sentiment Survey on Covid-19, conducted in May 2020.

IDC expects European ICT spending to decline 4% in 2020 but we are actually seeing spending rise in some tech areas. The top 5 technologies that UK organisations are increasing their investment are cloud, secure remote access, virtual workspaces, data security, and video conferencing.

With this huge transition of enabling remote working and maintaining productivity that is trending among UK enterprises, how can organisations ensure that the technologies and measures they are putting in place can support them in immediate business continuity as well as to thrive in the new normal.

Join this IDC webinar, co-hosted with Nutanix and Wipro to learn about:

• How to drive long-term digital transformation with modern virtual desktop solutions?
• How to incorporate more robust BYOD and CYOD policies with end-to-end security, high availability and scale?
• What are the modern VDI tools and collaborative technologies that address immediate business continuity and disaster recovery needs and tomorrow's digital workplace needs?
• How to leverage these technologies and embrace a future-ready digital workspace

Digital workspaces, cloud models, automation, and intelligent remote collaboration can support the Future of Digital Innovation and Future of Work in the Post-recovery era. Get up to speed on the latest trends, strategies and solutions to achieve this by joining us on this webinar on Wednesday July 29, 2pm BST

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