From edge to core: How enterprises can capitalize on future solutions for 5G and AI


The Opportunities and Challenges of Building an end-to-end Intelligent Solution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the primary force driving digital transformation in the world today. Combined with 5G and IoT, these dynamics are revolutionizing industrial sectors and creating value in enterprise markets. For Enterprises it has become critical to adapt and capitalize on these new connectivity and compute paradigms as they seek to augment productivity and revenue through better use of their data.

With the 5G-enabled value chain forecasting to generate multi trillion of Euros of output over the next decade, the combination of AI and 5G will unlock transformative user experiences across consumer and enterprise market segments, through latency reduction and traffic volume increase. This transformation is happening, with AI going from the cloud to being distributed, such as on the edge or IoT devices.

The time has come for service providers and enterprise IT professionals alike to explore the critical role that AI will play in their 5G and edge-computing plans, through the technology, some existing use cases and how should an Enterprise solve, across core to edge, for the related data gravity and connectivity challenges.

Watch the IDC & Interxion webinar recording to hear what the primary drivers and use cases for AI and IoT in Nordic & Benelux organisations are and what your peers see as the main challenges related to AI and connectivity.

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IDC & Interxion webinar recording

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