Successful digital transformation of traditional application environments


Traditional IT applications and platforms are one of the most serious problems in digital
transformation. Watch this IDC seminar to learn how to overcome this challenge!

For many organizations that have evolved their IT environments over many years, the digital transformation process is a challenge because legacy applications built in the traditional way make it difficult to meet business requirements and fail to keep up with rapid market changes and customer needs. The increasingly popular containerization and its accompanying tools, helps especially with the development of new applications, but does not solve the issues of modernizing them. Whether you want to ultimately have applications in the cloud or continue in your own environment, moving to new distributed application architectures presents challenges in a world of legacy, traditional applications.

If your IT environment:

  • is not keeping up with change by running legacy applications and traditional architectures sub-optimally,
  • requires optimization of resource utilization, including hardware and human resources,
  • is preparing for large IoT/edge projects.

Then this webcast will help you find solutions to these problems.

We would like to thank our partners and all the participants of the event.


The effortless route to modern environment even for legacy applications.

Onteon is more than microservices platform

Onteon is a software stack to orchestrate, scale, communicate and manage modern applications and legacy ones in an efficient and effortless way. No matter if it is containerized or non-containerized. It runs on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid. We developed it from scratch. It just works.

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Meeting recording - Onteon presentation with English subtitles

Ewa Zborowska - IDC

Łukasz Sadalski - Onteon