IDC & SUSE Webinar Series - Get the most of your Kubernetes


IDC and SUSE are hosting two webinars where we will be discussing and sharing best practice approaches to containerising the environment and the adoption of edge architectures.

Virtually all organisations are in an IT modernisation process, often with cloud at the core. It is not just about shifting VMs to cloud environments, but about embracing cloud native technologies and refreshing the architecture. An essential objective of the modernisation process is to ensure agility and flexibility. Organisations cannot afford having a new IT platform that cannot be evolved and altered as new business requirements emerge, and it is essential to be able to dynamically deploy, move, and manage workloads.

Containers are increasingly used for both new applications and for encapsulating existing ones to improve the manageability of workloads and resources by ensuring portability and orchestration. However, it is also adopted for improving productivity, reducing time to market, and enhancing stability. However, containers are not "a silver bullet", and complexity and skill shortage are inhibiting adoption.

In a real-world scenario, the IT environment is always heterogenous and fragmented, and it is paramount that the IT platform can embrace multiple standards and vendor offerings.

Security, compliance, latency requirements etc. mean that some workloads cannot or should not be deployed in central datacentres, but closer to where the data is collected or is used – i.e., at the edge.

  • Containerising IT Environments

    At the first webinar we will discuss how to modernise the IT architecture to support a digital first business. You will hear from IDC how organisations in the Nordic and Benelux regions are containerising their IT environments, what advantages have been achieved, and what challenges they face. SUSE will elaborate on the topics, discuss best practices, and present real case examples.

  • Edge Architectures

    At the second webinar we will explore the opportunities of running Kubernetes clusters at edge locations. IDC will present the latest Nordic and Benelux research on organisations' adoption of edge architectures. What drives the efforts and what is accomplished? SUSE will elaborate on the topics, discuss best practices, and present real case examples.

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Containerising IT Environments

Rob Knight SUSE

Anders Elbak IDC

Edge Architectures

Anders Elbak IDC

Keith Basil SUSE