IDC Data & Intelligence Digital Summit 2021


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Due to the current global situation, IDC have taken the decision to make the Data and Intelligence Summit that is taking place on 7th June a virtual event. This decision was taken as the safety of our sponsors, delegates and staff is paramount, and our communities health should be placed above all else. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty and business volatility and changed the way companies operate permanently. 

Organizations know that they need to accelerate their digital transformation already under way if they are to survive and thrive in the coming years. They need to widen data-driven decision making across the organization.

This event aims to assist data and business intelligence leaders to navigate the new requirements, through expert presentations and peer discussions, on the new normal and steering the right response of the data organization to drive their business strategy. 

How to enable organizations to make better, faster data-driven decisions? How to enable them driving better outcomes for customers, employees, partners and suppliers, when the reality is so uncompromising? The answers are partly about investment in platforms and tools, of course – but it is also about culture: driving projects and programs in more agile, collaborative ways; building new skills and driving change; and reappraising governance. 

Decision automation and augmentation – through use of AI, ML, advanced analytics and, of course, a plentiful supply of good quality data – are crucial enablers for any enterprise looking to accelerate their recovery and reignite growth. European organizations’ embrace of cloud and increasing use of external data sources for market signals (including data from mobile and social networks and IoT devices) - mean that source data has never been more challenging to locate, manage and govern.

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

Gold Partnership Fireside Chat - What’s the First Step in Building Trust in Data?

Gold Partnership Fireside Chat - Building the Intelligent Enterprise: a Playbook for Success

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Digitalisation and Covid-19 : Responding to a Pandemic

Silver Partner Fireside Chat - Data & AI Enabling a Modern-Day Digital Experience

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Analytics and Machine Learning for the Greater Good

IDC Research Insight

End User Keynote: The Business Case for Data Ethics

End User Keynote: How to Deliver Value and Develop a Data Ecosystem

IDC Keynote Session: Recovering, Rebuilding and Reigniting Your Business With Data and Intelligence

Diamond Partner Thought Leadership: The Data Value Chain: From Data to Insights to Action